Let’s Build Deeper Relationships

Anchor is a relationship management tool, designed to organize and deepen your connections.

other people are waiting in line.

An App for Anyone...

For the Networker

Bring your second and third circle contacts closer. Groups and intelligent search keep your most important relationships one tap away.

For the Forgetful

Don’t let your relationships slip through the cracks. Helpful nudges keep you engaged with the people in your life.

For the Aspirational

Leave your comfort zone and break the ice. Templates and news updates make it easier than ever to reach out and achieve your goals.

Less Clutter, More Info

Anchor is built to help you cut through the noise.

Import contacts from social networks and better organize them with custom groups and location labels.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Life is busy. Let Anchor take a load off.

Set reminders and use automated suggestions to send follow-ups and
celebrate life’s big events.

Enhance Your Memory

Show your friends and acquaintances that you care.

Use interaction history and notes to remember key details before catching up with former colleagues or roommates.

Save Time

Use Anchor without even opening the app.

Interact with Anchor via text message to do everything you want to do!
Spend the extra time interacting with your people.

100% Private. Your data goes nowhere.

Anchor is not a social media app. There are no friend requests, you don’t have a public profile, and your friends are not alerted when you change something on their contact card.

Anchor doesn’t sell your data or show you ads.

Join the Anchor Community.
Strengthen your personal community.